Hello There, This is AMR

A 26 years old Evolutionary, Peace-loving, Tech enthusiast Human - born in Egypt.

I consider myself careerist to Design in general - Web & Graphic design in particular, which is my key specialty so far. I've been building up a huge life experience focused on designing creative looking websites and graphical materials/visuals.
- My specialities are:

Design for Web & Print: including UI/UX design, creative artistic visuals for advertising/marketing, Logo/Corporate Identity design, corporate Brochures and Flyers.. etcetera.
Front-End Development: including CMS/Hand Coding of Static/Dynamic 'Responsive' Websites built upon Bootstrap and Wordpress.

To visualize things up:

    Web/Graphic Design Skills

  • HTML/HTML5 - %95
  • CSS/CSS3 - %95
  • JS/jQuery - %70
  • PHP - %60

    Acquired Skills by Self-development

  • Photography - %85
  • Copywritting - %75
  • Video/Sound Editing - %85
  • Drawing/Illustrating - %80
Check out most of the projects I did so far